GrapheneOS has a very active community primarily based around the official chat rooms. Our chat rooms are bridged across Discord, Telegram and Matrix so you can choose your preferred platform.

Discord invite link:

Telegram group:

You can join the GrapheneOS Matrix space at and can manually join each of the chat rooms from there.

The following 7 chat rooms are available across each platform, with the Matrix links to each individual room included below:

#general:grapheneos.orgBest place to request support, ask questions or get involved in the project
#apps:grapheneos.orgDiscuss using third party apps and services with GrapheneOS
#offtopic:grapheneos.orgDiscuss topics not strictly related to GrapheneOS
#dev:grapheneos.orgDiscuss GrapheneOS app and OS development
#testing:grapheneos.orgProvide feedback on Alpha and Beta channel app and OS releases
#releases:grapheneos.orgRelease announcements
#infra:grapheneos.orgInfrastructure monitoring and discussion
#media:grapheneos.orgDiscuss GrapheneOS in news articles and other media coverage

Matrix is a federated service similar to email where you can choose your provider and has end-to-end encryption for private chats. Matrix can be a more privacy friendly option but has significant downsides including lag, weak moderation tools and the rooms needing to be regularly recreated due to bugs in the protocol for reaching consensus on room state between servers.

The experience on Discord is the best out of all the available options due to the way messages from the other platforms bridge to it, making it much easier to read. Search is also generally better on Discord, making it easier to look up information and previous discussions on specific topics. Additionally, Discord allows you to select your preferred release channels and devices via the roles feature in order to be notified when an app or OS release in the channel you are interested in.

Telegram is a good option to choose if you already have a Telegram account and use it. There is one Telegram group, which separates the different rooms via topics.


We have an official forum for longer form posts, which is publicly accessible and easier to search. We are using Flarum for our forum.

Contacting the project

Do not contact us with offers to sell us products or services.

Please don't contact the GrapheneOS project or developers to request support / device support / features or to report bugs. Use the community platforms and issue trackers listed below. The developers are active on the Matrix room but the broader community can usually answer most questions, and this allows the developers to focus their time and energy on the project.

Email is the preferred way to contact the project. X direct messages are checked much less frequently. A public @reply in a tweet is not a good way to contact the project. It is not considered sending a message by X and is not queued up as a message to be read, only as a regular notification that is likely to be missed or forgotten.

Please do not send multiple copies / versions of the same email to different addresses. Either send it to a single address or CC the other addresses. In general, it's the same people handling every email address, and they don't need to see multiple copies of the same email in their inbox.

You can contact for topics related to GrapheneOS. Please don't send emails unrelated to GrapheneOS to this address.

The address is for reporting high priority security issues related to GrapheneOS. Please don't send other kinds of emails to this address. It is not a way of increasing the priority of emails that are not security reports. Your emails will be treated as a much lower priority if you misuse this address.

The official X account for the project is @GrapheneOS which is used for official announcements.

The official Mastodon account for the project is which is used for official announcements.

The official Bluesky account for the project is which is used for official announcements.


Interested in joining the GrapheneOS team? Check out our hiring page.

Reporting issues

Most issues should be reported to the global OS issue tracker for GrapheneOS sub-projects. However, standalone projects and anything outside of the GrapheneOS source tree (like the websites) has a dedicated issue tracker. The issue trackers are listed for reference:

Standalone apps